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Comprehensive range of foot treatment and surgery services

Trinity Podiatry Clinic, is a private Podiatry Clinic providing a comprehensive range of foot treatments at our Edinburgh Clinic. Podiatrists give anything from general advice on foot problems & footwear to the normal Chiropody procedures for sore feet, i.e. nail cutting, removal of hard skin & corns, verrucae, ingrown toenails etc.


We also have a specialist interest in musculoskeletal aches & pains and sports injuries which can often be resolved following a bio mechanical assessment, gait analysis and providing custom made functional foot orthotic insoles.

Our general foot care treatments cover all nail problems from ingrown toenails, to thickened nails and fungal nail infections. We can resolve a fungal nail problem with a combination of painless laser, topical prescription, reduce the thickness and use a new very successful treatment We attend to hard skin, cracked heels, corns, calluses and offer the latest SWIFT treatment for warts or verrucas .

Special treatment, assessment and advice is given to diabetics and to anyone with circulation problems associated with the feet.
All ages are treated at the Clinic without GP referral.

Foot care advice

If you need any advice on any aspect of foot care, or if you suffer from foot or leg symptoms then tell your Podiatrist at the Trinity Podiatry Clinic who are all specialists in the Podiatry and Chiropody field.

Patients travel from as far away as London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Northern Ireland, Inverness, Fife, Aberdeen, Dundee and many other places, as well as closer to home from the Edinburgh area to attend podiatrists at Trinity Podiatry Clinic. Patients who are housebound can be visited at home for an extra charge. Through the bio mechanical process we treat and re-align the feet and lower limbs of many involved in strenuous sporting activities e.g. runners, jumpers, footballers, rugby players, triathletes etc. as well as non-sporting patients.

The National Health Service provides Podiatry (Chiropody) treatment but this service is mainly for high risk patients who have medical conditions, such as Diabetes. Most NHS Podiatry clinics are so full that it can be difficult to get an appointment and 3 - 6 months waiting lists are not uncommon. The Edinburgh NHS Podiatry departments have adopted a policy of non-routine treatment and they are currently unable to offer to perform the task of nail cutting, this is sad, because nail trimming is important to anyone and we are therefore delighted to offer a nail cutting service. An increasing number of senior citizens are attempting self-treatment as a result of the NHS policy, this practice could be dangerous due to impaired vision and create all sorts of infection problems. If toe nails are allowed to grow too long, pressure from shoes can force the nails into the wall of the toe, resulting in ingrown toe nails. Other damage to the nails can also develop due to trauma. It is important that a Podiatrist trim the nails, especially for senior citizens, diabetics and others with circulatory problems.

Ingrown toe nails

Ingrown toe nails can be resolved with routine treatment or a minor surgical procedure which will ensure the offending part of the nail does not re-grown. This is done to produce an excellent post-operative cosmetic result leaving a normal looking nail which is narrower and pain free.

We offer laser treatments for pain reduction, wound healing & fungal nail infections.  Mechanical or sports injuries and painful areas can also be mobilised and manipulated, taped, lasered and inflammation reduced.

Trinity Podiatry

To book a foot consultation or surgical appointment with one of our 3 female & 3 male Podiatrists, you can call us on 0131 476 9889
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